Ok, I stayed out of the Sacramento game because frankly I was still (and still am) fuming about that loss to the Suns.

I didn't want to rain on a win so I just bit my tongue and moved on. I didn't want to point out that it took Kevin Martin missing two bunnys late in the game or that Travis Diener was hitting more shots than he had all season combined.

You know the old statement, a win is a win, afterall.

So now we move onto this game with the Warriors and I just want to ask one question for all of those who are advocating our newest and latest lineup change.

What the h@ll are we doing?

No, really, what are we doing?

Is this a long term plan where this is how we will play for the next 5 years? Is this a stop gap measure just to stop the losing? Are we trying to develop the young players?

A show of hands, who actually thinks this will be the way to win in the east in a playoff series?

Ok, if this is not about winning in the playoffs what is it about?

Look, I'm fine with any of the above answers I guess. But I just want to know what the plan is.

My guess is that this is just a stop gap measure to try something new to get some wins and make the Simons goal of reaching the playoffs.

This cute lineup will work against the two teams we just played and we will play both of them again this week so for now it is fine.

But I can't wait till we try and small ball the Pistons. Oh that will be fun. Ah who am I kidding no matter what lineup we use they will spank us.

Anyway, I guess I'm just confused about why all of a sudden we are having a lineup change again.

On to the game.

I don't want to hear one word from any of the Jackson fans on here about how our fans treat good old Jax. Look I always said our fans were unfair to him but after that reception that Dunleavy just got Jacksons trips to the fieldhouse are like a welcome home parade for military hero's.

It's to bad that we blew what was a pretty good overall game for him.

Now why did we lose?

Well there are a number of things you could say led to our defeat.

How about Jamaal Tinsley's childish flagrant 1 that lit Montana Ellis on fire?

How about Jamaal Tinsley's inability to even pretend to slow down any of thier point guards who decided to drive the lane.

How about we got a full frontal view of why if Travis Diener isn't hitting his shots that he is mostly a liabilty on the floor.

But mostly how about a coach who thinks that an open three point shot is like the holy grail, not realizing that in any NBA game the opponet will give you a free open three all game long at some position knowing that you are most likely going to hit it at about 30% of the time.

Sorry, I think I will not talk about O'Brien tonight for fear that my thoughts on that Pheonix game are still tainting my thoughts. Yes, I still 100% blame him for that loss.

Were we beat by the better team tonight? My answer is yes so I guess what is there to gripe about.

Right now we are one of the worst teams in the league and I just don't even know how to dig out of this.

Oh, I guess I should give this up so I don't get scolded for not recognizing.

Jermaine O'Neal played one hell of a game. Now if we could only get him to play against 6'8" centers the rest of the year we will be in business.

I'm tempted to just erase all of this because frankly it's just filled with to much negativity.

But frankly right now I am lost as to what we are doing. Once I figure that ourt I guess I will feel better.

Again another question.

Long term, does anybody think Danny Granger should be the 4?

I would advocate trading away Foster and Diogu if it wasn't for the fact that in about 3 weeks when this hasn't worked Foster at least will be back for sure.

Diogu to be honest with you probably should be moved & I actually liked Ike. But he is not going to fit into this system and is far to concerned with his shots to be of any real use.

That end of the game play drawn up by O'Brien was pure genius wasn't it?

Can you imagine what Dwight Howard is going to do to us?

Oh well to end on something positive, at least Marquis played well.