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    I know there are a few tennis fans on here. Anyway heres my picks.

    Likely winner: Roger Federer

    Sentimental/Dark Horse: Roddick

    I would love to see Roddick finally beat Federer in a major on the way to a title. I have always thought that the Aus Open was the one major that almost any top 5-7 player has a great chance against the heavy favorite due to being the first tournament that really counts in the new year.


    Likely winner: Serena or Aneres haha

    Sentimental/Dark Horse: Davenport

    Looks like davenport will be out in round 1 never mind.
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    I'm a huge tennis fan, although I don't get into the Aus Open very much until the finals, mainly because of the time difference, and because there is so much else going on right now. I really get into the US Open though because there is nothing else (No NBA basketball) on at that time

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    Roddick has no chance against Federer. His game really isn't suited to beating Roger's.

    Aus Open is too early, as UB has said. I tend not to pay attention until the French.
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