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Thread: Our backs are to the wall

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    Default Our backs are to the wall

    You learn a lot about a team when its facing elimination.

    How do they respond? Are they united? Or do certain players try to do thier own thing? Will the healthy guys pick up the slack from our walking wounded? Will guys on the bench cheer or pout? Will our guys try to play basketball or fight (or cheapshot) the Pistons? If things aren't going well, will our players and coaches try to blame this on the refs during or after the game?

    We've lost three of our last four. They say that 'winning cures all ills.' I don't agree, but I do think that winning has hidden some potential underlying chemistry issues on this team all season.

    In five hours, we'll know a lot more about what some of the guys on this team are made of. Some of our young guys left a pretty bad impression the last time they faced elimination (shoving Mel Daniels is never a good idea, for example, but that's not the only one.)

    Now is when it really gets interesting.
    Why do the things that we treasure most, slip away in time
    Till to the music we grow deaf, to God's beauty blind
    Why do the things that connect us slowly pull us apart?
    Till we fall away in our own darkness, a stranger to our own hearts
    And life itself, rushing over me
    Life itself, the wind in black elms,
    Life itself in your heart and in your eyes, I can't make it without you

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    Default Re: Our backs are to the wall

    If they can play like they did in game 4 , then the Pacers will win this series , if they play anything like the other games they lost it's over .

    I really thought the Pacers would play well in Game 5 since it seemed like they had rediscovered what made them 61 game winners this year but I seen everything but that in game 5 , I seen a Team that didn't believe.

    Game 6 will tell me alot , if this series was won and lost on poor game play or just lack of maturity by young players.

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    Default Re: Our backs are to the wall

    I hope Reggie plays like a Man tonight. He is our best big game player, but those days of Miller time are becoming few and far between.

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