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Thread: Ideas for Ike/Marquis

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    Default Ideas for Ike/Marquis

    If Ike and Marquis are two of our most tradable assests, what could we get for them. Here are a few ideas.


    Daniels for Ridnour
    Ike for Petro/Swift/Sene Saer (Pick One)

    Or you could do both trades.


    Daniels for Stoudamire & Warrick
    Ike for Warrick/Lowry/Navarro (Pick 2) (Unrealistic, I know, maybe if we threw in a 1st rounder.)


    Marquis & Ike for Haslem & Dorrell Wright / Smush Parker (ask for Wright, if no, Smush works also.)

    Ike for Dorrell Wright


    Daniels & Diogu for Boris Diaw (+ a 1st?)

    New Jersey

    Ike for Boone/Wright/S. Williams/M. Williams (Pick one) + Armstrong/Allen (pick 1)


    Ike for Luther Head + Aaron Brooks
    Ike for Bonzi Wells
    Ike for Steve Francis
    Daniels & Ike for Scola, Alston, + Head

    LA Clippers

    Ike + Daniels for Magette & Brevin Knight
    Ike + Daniels for Mobley

    LA Lakers

    Ike + Marquis for Kwame + 1st round pick


    Ike, Marquis, Harrison for Brad Miller
    Ike for Garcia + Douby
    Ike + Marquis for Kenny Thomas + 1st round pick (or Garcia or Udrih)


    Ike for Sefolosha & Nichols or Curry


    Ike + 1st round pick for Iguodala (might work if Iggy refuses to resign in Philly)
    Ike + Marquis for Andre Miller


    Ike for Reddick + Vazquez (or just Reddick)
    Ike & Harrison for Arroyo

    Toronto (I'm dreaming)

    Ike + 1st round pick for Calderon (see Iguodala trade)

    There's a bunch of ideas. They could all work either as is or with minor tweaking. What do y'all think?

    note: I'm far from liking all of these, and I'm sure a few are unrealistic.
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    Default Re: Ideas for Ike/Marquis

    I like the Daniels/ Ridnour and Ike/Wells trade ideas.

    Wells is an expiring though and we could try to sign him this summer. We're obviously not doing anything this year. Unless Houston wants to throw in a 1st rounder for Ike... they would have to.

    Not sure Seattle would want Daniels. I believe they would want a better outside shooter to complement the build-around-Durant plan. I would appreciate Ridnour.

    These trades would both have to happen to keep me happy. Need a playmaker like Wells, since we're giving up Daniels.

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    Default Re: Ideas for Ike/Marquis

    I'm all for trading Marquis. He has value and we have plenty of swingmen.

    Ike i'm torn on. I think he is a solid player. But I don't know that he is a complete player. I think that Marquis and Ike for Boris Diaw is a great trade and makes sense for both clubs. It's just a matter of if Indiana is willing to pay Diaw that money. If i'm the Pacers I would require a little something else being sent back there way.

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