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Thread: Pacers vs. Jazz Post-Game Thread: Utah wins in a rout

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    Default Re: Pacers vs. Jazz Post-Game Thread: Utah wins in a rout

    Quote Originally Posted by Unclebuck View Post
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    Roam, I wouldn't bother watching any of the game. The only player I enjoyed a little bit tonight was Foster.

    Edit: Gnome - I take that back you really need to watch the part of the game when Harrison is on the floor, because you have to see it to believe it - our discription of it will not do it justice. I think he played in the second quarter
    Ditto. Hulk barely containing the green and a couple of his fouls where he was losing it is worth seeing for the spectacle of it.

    And as I've said before, FOSTER IS THE BEST DUNKER ON THE TEAM, as in quickest up with it close to the rim, in traffic, on the run. No one does that better than he does. That dunk he hit last night where he came down and nearly broke his freaking back, who makes that play better than Jeff?

    Jeff taking a pass on the run 2 feet from the rim is a dunk every time it seems. That's his version of the crazy Quis layup in traffic.

    Of course there was also a classic case of Jeff's "meaningless offensive rebound" where he put it back up horribly, missing the rim entirely and basically just giving it to the Jazz. A play where you say "why bother even getting that rebound if that's what you're doing with it?"

    Quote Originally Posted by CableKC View Post
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    At the 3rd Qtr,we were down by 20 Pts. At that point, I just turned off Nba radio. Is anyone else getting bored of PacerBall?
    Hopefully none of the people that raved in the preseason threads and early season threads. How about everyone that blasted me for the "Cakewalk preseason" thread? Whoops.

    Yet ironically I just picked up tickets for several games. I'll watch them into the lottery or on a miracle 5th seed rally. Whatever, it's ball and I'm a Hoosier.
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