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Thread: Crunch time stats

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    Default Crunch time stats

    As most of you know there is something called the "nestle" crunch time on the site

    in these stats it is a two way race between Pacers and Pistons mainly (gnah gnah) with JO in the number 1 spot, Ron at 8, Reg at 9 and Al at 10 the P's have 4 people in the top 10!

    Proof that the East is slowly "getting better" ?

    Proof that "crunch" is something that is found in the east?

    Whatever it is, we can sure be proud of JO being the number 1
    So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

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    Default Re: Crunch time stats

    That's cool. I think he was #1 for a while last season, too.

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