Hicks has been kind enough to agree with allowing the posters here to use a @pacersdigest.com emailaddress.

I would like to support that idea by allowing that on the server

If you want an @pacersdigest.com addie, pls pm me with <username> for the account and passwd, <username>@pacersdigest will be your email address where <username> is what you make of it.

there are two ways to get to your email:

webmail: www.able-towers.com/mail will do the trick just put in your username and passwd, remember to set the site up when you're there so your email will read @pacersdigest.com instead of @able-towers.com

email client: (outlook[express] mozilla, Eudora etc)
username, passwd as given, smtp server = mail.able-towers.com pop = able-towers.com or to make it easier for both.
if you need help on adding the account to your client, PM me.

for those interested they can also choose the @pacersfans.com addie, that is a domain i own, and the same as above goes.