Due to a busy Nov-Dec I've not had a chance to catch many games, or catch them in their entirety anyway. This also isn't helped by the sprinkling of UNtelevised games.

BUT that said-

When I have watched, and tonight was no exception, the offense doesn't look like an offense at all. I don't see a lot of screening going on. There's usually some motion but it looks helter skelter and many shots just seem to come when one of the guys decides it's time to take a shot (or so it appears). It's certainly not a smart motion game that I'm seeing. How about making the defense really work and fight thru screens?

I don't see any sharpness in the cuts. None.

Worse, some (many?) of the barrage of 3's come at inopportune times... Nothing like a momentum killing wasted possession leading to a long rebound and easy basket the other way.

I think JO just might be the slowest player on the court in most games and there's no crispness to his movement at all.

As most of you know, I've grown fairly unimpressed with JO over the years to the point I think it's best for parties to move on. For a player that is paid what he is paid, the return on the payment is WAY low.

I'm also less than impressed with the defense I've seen. Offense will come and go... especially when you play it bad like we're known to do with quick 3's and hurried looks (and JO's patented turnaround clanker too)... but defense should be a constant. Our defense appears mainly to be constantly bad. Our best hope is that our shots fall early and the other team quits. Anytime the other team has some heart and hangs in there (even when down) our willy nilly offense will go cold, and our defense will let them back in the game.

And for another knock on JO... I don't see this good or great defense some of you say he brings. Yeah, sometimes he blocks a shot. I've never considered shot blocking to be the only sign of good defense. JO's man usually has his way in the games that I've seen. JO might swat away a penetrating guard's shot but his own man's game doesn't seem that swayed by JO.

I feel the same way about JO as some of you do about Murphy. ...Only difference being I'm trying to still give Murphy the benefit of the doubt. JO has used his up. But it's getting harder by the minute to give Murphy much more slack.

I'm not seeing any coming together with this team either. I think JOB is blowing smoke when he's talking about his belief in them finishing strong. This team isn't made to finish strong because it's so badly put together that 'chemistry' will always be a problem.

I realize Tinsley is out now (not that he'll help the defense) but we shouldn't have to rely on an unreliable player in the first place. Tinsley is unreliable on 2 counts:
Injury Prone

You just can't trust that he can keep either one of those in check.

As for what to do about all this? I haven't got the foggiest idea. Most of this stuff has been piling up for years. Other teams cut their losses and move on instead of letting this stuff fester until something HAS to be done (then it's a rushed, half-a$$, panic move).

I hope Bynum was never actually offered for JO, and I hope we did try and trade JO for Bynum and LA rejected it.

It's getting to a point that the best thing JO can bring to this team is an offer not to take his option. But that doesn't mean that getting rid of JO fixes anything immediately... it just opens the door to a process where we can start fixing things.