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Thread: I took someone to a Pacers a game that has never been before

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    Default I took someone to a Pacers a game that has never been before

    The reason I am posting this is only because of the many recent threads about all the overall "Conseco game experience"

    I took someone to the Pistons game last Saturday night who has never been to a Pacers game before, never even watched them on TV before, does not know any players names, wasn't even sure if the Pacers were in the white uniforms or the blue uniforms. He is not a sports fan, never watches any sports - he grew up in Brazil.

    You might be asking why would I want someone like that to go to a game with me. Besides the fact that he is a really good friend and I figured he would enjoy it, I also was curious to see his reaction to the game and to the overall Conseco experience.

    I did not prepare him for anything prior to getting there and unfortunitely we arrived really late at about the 9 minute mark of the 2nd quarter. (we had to go to Bazbaeux pizza before and they were really packed - first time he's ever had their pizza and loved it, up until then he hated all American pizza - he just moved here from Brazil about 18 months ago).

    OK, sorry I'm rambling. He loved the overall atmosphere (helped that there was a big crowd that was into the game for the most part) he loved Conseco - said it just feels good to be there. He enjoyed the slam dunk display between the 3rd and 4th quarter - overall he thought Boomer was a waste of time, he liked the Pacemates, he couldn't figure out why all the noise during the Fex Ex truck race, he enjoyed looking at all the people.

    Within a few minutes he said something about the music played while the ball was in play. He noticed that when the Pacers had the ball the music was upbeat, but when the Pistons had the ball he said the music was ominous. I asked him if he liked the music during play, he thought it would be better without it as it was distracting and annoying

    He really had no clue what was going on basketball wise, but seemed to enjoy the game and wants to go back. He said it is such a fun atmosphere and such a family atmosphere.

    It was interesting and good for me to see things through his eyes a little to see how the casual or non-fan sees things. Sometimes I figure everyone is as big of a fan as we are here.
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