Rush and Travis Diener were the two players we signed in the off season to really help this team out especially shooting the ball. Diener has done nothing so I won't even ask about your thoughts on him.

But how about Kareem Rush what do you guys think of him so far? I know it seems many were down on him however he has shot the ball well lately.

I at least am pretty happy with the way he has played. From what I have seen his defense has been pretty good, at least better then what I thought he would be. On offense he is a shooter and while early on he struggled with his shot he seems to have found it. I think it has just been a matter of him getting comfortable and having confidence which I think playing more minutes has a lot to do with that.

I'm really happy that Kareem is on our team and hope that he continues to play well and we can re-sign him. He was a low risk high reward type of move by Bird but I think we may be getting rewarded fairly well. Kareem won't be no all star but I like what he can give us.