I'm looking at playoff matchups. The Colts will get the winner of the 3-6 game while NE gets the winner of the 4-5 game.

Right now SD is the 3 seed and gets that if they win Sunday. They'd play either Tenn or Cleveland.

Pittsburgh is the 4 seed and would get Jacksonville.

I think SD takes this matchup while the other I'd call a toss. In either case, if I'm a Colts fan I'd MUCH rather face SD/Tenn/Cleveland than Pittsburgh/Jacksonville. Despite the Chargers late run I'm not real high on Rivers coming through when they need it and Tennessee & Cleveland both have big holes.

Pitt & Jacksonville are another story. I'd still favor the Colts, just like I would NE against either team but it's no walkover and it'll be a tough, physical game.