I made my first trip to Conseco this year last night for the Wizards game. A few things I noticed:

1. I still had the TSA treatment coming into the facility. Being treated like a criminal by businesses I am paying good money to patronize is a huge turnoff.

2. Wow - the crowd was thin. I'm guessing only 50% occupancy. I hate to say it, but if it gets much worse they are going to have to bring back the curtain. The team is above 500 and playing tracking to the playoffs. While I can understand that the team's style of play is lacking in characteristics Hoosiers normally appreciate, there's no reason for this other than that the team has really alienated its fan base. I think it goes to show that there is a still a ways to go to reconnect.

3. The Pacemates are as good looking as I've seen them in a while. I think we can now say that we've got legitimately good looking cheerleaders.

4. The constant exhortations to "stand up" by the announcer is patronizing and disgraceful. It's also pathetic. If the team can't motivate people to stand and cheer, we shouldn't have to be told to do so by the announcer.

5. Conseco is still the best place to see a basketball game I've ever been.

6. This team is a lot better than I expected, but still it can be painful to watch an NBA game these days. Call me crazy but I do sort of miss the old 125-123 final scores.

Too bad I didn't sign up for League Pass this year. With the Pacers effectively untelevised, it's been hard to follow the team. So it was good to get to see them in person.