I would like to start this thread just so we can stop using those spoiler tags when discussing in the movies thread!

I have now watched the movie in snippets several more times, and plan to watch it in it's entirety later tonight so I will be glad to discuss further as I have time!

To start it off, I would like to stress that I think this movie is excellent, and the best adaptation thus far of Richard Matheson's 1954 novel of the same title. The first film adaptation was in 1964. That movie was titled The Last Man On Earth and starred Vincent Price as Dr. Robert Morgan (rather than Neville). I watched the majority of it and had a hard time really enjoying it. To be honest, I have a hard time enjoying most movies made that long ago. The quality of film making has risen dramatically over the last couple of decades and only continues to rise.

The second adaptation was 1971's The Omega Man, starring Charlton Heston as Dr. Robert Neville. I recently watched this movie as well, and it was much better than The Last Man On Earth, but was still kind of lame. Most of my problem with it is that it was made in 1971 and lacks most of the quality that I'm now spoiled with. By 1971 standards, it was probably a pretty good movie. I like Charlton Heston quite a bit, so it was at least entertaining....

The current adaptation is titled the same as the original book, so that kinda blows my idea about the whole Bob Marley connection and why the film was titled as it is.

That is all for now, but I would love to discuss this movie as much as possible, so somebody please post some ideas! I hesitate to write that I would rather it not turn into a discussion about whether it is a good film or not, because I know there are some users who didn't care for it. I'm not gonna suggest that someone refrain from posting what they thought about it, just know that I would rather this be a thread where people who actually LIKED the movie can discuss the movie without having to defend the quality of the movie or try to convince someone whether it was actually good or not. Let's face it, nobody is gonna convince me it isn't, so I don't expect to convince someone who didn't like it that they should!