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Thread: What to look for from the Suns....

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    Default What to look for from the Suns....

    Living in Phoenix I have a chance to watch the Suns alot...which is my second team after the beloved Pacers.

    indy cannot take Phoenix lightly tonight... this team has been playing pretty well lately despite a couple close losses. Marbury is gone, Amare Stoudamire is hurt...but Shawn Marion, and Joe Johnson especially have found new confidence and leadership.

    Phx has been going with a very small starting lineup recently...don't know if they will do the same against us...or not. here is the breakdown.

    PG Leandro Barbosa -
    lanky and quick... active defender with long arms... has a funky shot, but it's quick release and effective... Don't let him build too much confidence. Inexperience is his biggest issue, knowing game situations etc..

    SG Joe Johnson
    For those who haven't had a chance to see this kid play...yikes. He has taken his game to the next level since the trade of Stephon and Penny... I will refrain from making too many conparisons but if there was ever a "poor mans" Tracey Mcgrady... this kid is it... has a silky smooth all around game. He's about 6'8" can shoot from all over, can take it to the bucket and finish... he can create for others...has great court vision. I will bet Artest will be on him sooner rather than later.

    SF Casey Jacobson
    Known mostly for his shooting... he has been playing well and more aggressive lately, taking it to the basket... He really is turning into Dan Marleje... questionable defender...if he's on Artest or Al go at em.

    PF Shawn Marion
    Poor guy is playing way out of position... Don't know who will guard Marion to start...but he has turned into a real leader since the trade. Has a great mid range game, lot of quick release floaters in the lane... will nail the 15-18 ft jumpers all night... he loves going to his left, especially if his shot is falling from the the defense has to force him to his right. Can fall in love with the 3 pointer, I would give that to him...he'll hit a couple...but he won't kill us from out there. Marion can be un-guard-able at times...especially if he's knocking down jumpers...he is just to quick off his feet. Oh...and he's an incredible offensive rebounder, gets a lot of tip-ins, particularly off his own missed shot.

    C Jake Voschul
    Jeff Foster clone... does everything Jeff does...but has a better mid range shot...he can hit from 15 ft.... but he is scrappy... and a good defender...tendency to commit stupid fouls though...should be an interesting matchup...they will frustrate the hell out of each other.

    bench is fairly weak ...Eisley, Jahidi White, donnel harvey are the main guys.... anyway


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    Default Re: What to look for from the Suns....

    im looking forward to this game..want to see whether Artest ends up sitting or playing....

    and how the pacers respond to their 2 game losing streak and, what was in my mind, the WORST performance of the year I had to sit through at the MCI center....

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