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    This is funny - especially the part about playing Scrabble with Rasheed.

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    Read that a day or two ago. It's nice to have Sports Guy back fulltime (maybe he won't be mailing in his (infrequent) columns like he was there for a while). He's enjoyable because aside from his humor, you can tell he loves and watches a lot of basketball.

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    FACT OR FICTION: Rasheed Wallace is the craziest person in the Pacers-Pistons series.

    Give Sheed his due -- he always brings his crazy "A" game .
    I'm going with fiction. Maybe Rasheed acts more consistently insane, but on those rare days when Artest loses his cool, everyone's in danger: Players, referees, coaches, sportswriters, fans sitting in the first few rows, even the ballboys. So it's probably a draw. Comparing them to movie villains, Rasheed is like Ganz in "48 Hours" (just a complete lunatic, overreacting to everything), while Artest is more like Nicholson in "The Shining" (silently smoldering, ready to erupt and start swinging an ax at any time).

    More importantly, why hasn't anyone made a bigger deal of Artest and 'Sheed being in the same series? Who's going to have a full-scale flip-out first? What happens if they ever cross one another? Would they fight to the death? Would their teammates break it up or be too scared to enter the fray? Should we implant electroshock devices in their tibias like the ones Brando used in the "Island of Dr. Moreau"?

    (One other question on 'Sheed: Have you ever wondered what he's like in other aspects of his life? Like if you were playing Scrabble on him, and you used a word like "queue," and he never heard of it -- which seems highly possible -- would he jump back from the table, throw his hands in the air and start stomping around the room and laughing sarcastically to himself until you picked up the tiles? I need to know these things. And can you imagine Rasheed guest-starring on a reality-show like "Real World/Road Rules Challenge," screaming at Coral because it's her turn to go into the inferno and she's trying to back out? We need to explore the studio space with this guy. Seriously.)

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