I guess they're running this stuff for heritage week. I just found it myself. They have a "what if it was Dec 10, 1984" ROY article posted. Some fun reading for Pacers fans.

First, listed at #5 behind Jordan, Dream, Barkley and Mel Turpin is...
Vern Fleming
Fleming is the steal of the draft so far, carrying over his success with the University of Georgia and the Olympic team to the Pacers. Playing the point, he's found two easy targets in Clark Kellogg and Herb Williams. With Indiana just 5-16, it's all a learning experience for Fleming.

Stockton is behind him at 7, but with already amazing per48 assist numbers.

In the honorable mention/next 10 list you have two other interesting mentions. Terence Stansbury (if only he hung on to that ranking) and Rick Carlisle. I forgot that Rick was a rookie the same year Vern was.

I also love the blurb about Kersey finding some room in Portland's lineup despite being a 46th pick. Ya think? Like I said, fun article playing the let's pretend game.