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Getting back on topic, this thing will either blow over or it will really, really kill the Pacers in terms of PR. My Dad is always panning me how JT is a thug and that the Pacers are a "bunch of thugs" (even though I don't really think that is true at all) and although most of the people on this board who follow the Pacers closely can argue against this, this is all the average fans sees and all he cares to see. He/she isn't going to partake in some crazy in depth analysis, they'll simply pull their support from this team and do it quickly.
I think it blows over. For goodness gracious, it's just another shooting. lol

I don't even care. I have already learned it will take at least rape or murder by a player for me to stop tuning in. I think that must go for the majority of the Pacer fans who are left. In fact, we might even pick up some new fans from certain segments of society. lol.