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Thread: The highlight of the night

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    Default The highlight of the night

    For me...

    Was meeting Bruce Hornsby in the gift shop after the game.

    Stood in line behind him - he's just a regular but tall dude. Pays with a credit card like the rest of us mortals.

    Got to tell him that The End of the Innocence is one of my all-time favorites.

    Just don't get me started on the "Your Last Home Game" chant I had to endure.

    The Pistons fans beside me were loud and enthusiastic. I can accept that. I didn't enjoy it, but they weren't 'in my face'. But the ones behind me were rude.

    Of course, had our team given us *anything* to work with, it would have been a different story.

    Man, its bad when the highlight from Game #5 of the ECF is meeting the guy that played the national anthem.
    Why do the things that we treasure most, slip away in time
    Till to the music we grow deaf, to God's beauty blind
    Why do the things that connect us slowly pull us apart?
    Till we fall away in our own darkness, a stranger to our own hearts
    And life itself, rushing over me
    Life itself, the wind in black elms,
    Life itself in your heart and in your eyes, I can't make it without you

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    Default Re: The highlight of the night

    Anyone who is a lifetime member of the Grateful Dead has got to be the coolest dude around. Bruce is the man. I loved that SSB

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