Well the Pacers are 19 games into the season.

One of the questions that I have is......

Will Danny Granger EVER step up to the plate?

This being Dannys third year he is still the most inconsistant player on this team. This should be his breakout season. All I'm seeing though is one good game usually followed by two bad. He is consistantly inconsistant.

Tonight against Phoenix he was barely visable on the court, and I know it wasn't Grant Hills defense that was shutting Danny down...it was Danny shutting Danny down. Logic should dictate that when your not scoring the ball your defending and boarding....Danny was doing neither.

His stat line was 6 points on 2 for 11 from the field...0 of 5 fom the 3 point line. 7 rebounds ....all this with the fourth most minutes on the squad tonight (28). Grant Hill went for 16 and Grants backup, Raja Bell went for 17. This is how Grangers game has been since his rookie year...just when you think he's got it....he does everything in his power to make you shake your head dumbfounded.

I sincerely believe that the Pacers should include him in any kind of a blockbuster trade that they can come up with, only because his contract will be coming up soon, as will Diogu's. Danny is as good as he's going to get, and I do nt s him EVER growing a mean streak, one that a 6 foot 9 or 10 forward should have.

Move him and get something valuable back, especially while the other teams in the league think that he's an up and coming talent.