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Thread: Ron Artest's daughter has cancer...

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    Default Re: Ron Artest's daughter has cancer...

    That's so sad.
    Just like everyone else; the Artest family is in my prayers.

    Some people want it to happen, some
    wish it would happen, & others make it happen.
    ..Michael Jordan.

    Pressure is something you feel when
    you don't know what the hell you're
    ..Peyton Manning.

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    Default Re: Ron Artest's daughter has cancer...

    No kid should have to go through that. I hope she pulls through.

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    Default Re: Ron Artest's daughter has cancer...

    This is pretty cool.

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The cancer death rate for children in the United States has declined sharply -- down 20 percent from 1990 to 2004 -- thanks to better treatment of leukemia and other cancers, health officials said on Thursday.

    Cancer stands as the leading disease-related cause of death for U.S. children, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report. Better treatments are improving survival rates, the CDC said.

    "It's not that we're having less cancer diagnosed. The incidence rates, the new-case rates are the same. It's just that we're getting better survival," the CDC's Dr. Lori Pollack said in a telephone interview.
    This space for rent.

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