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Thread: Jim O'Brien interview from

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    Default Jim O'Brien interview from

    This was from Tuesday night newscast.

    Just watched it and it is worth the time. Almost 4 minutes long

    Here is the video.

    Here is the written story

    Team O'Brien

    Posted: Dec 4, 2007 07:48 PM EST

    Updated: Dec 5, 2007 07:28 AM EST

    Sharon and Jim O'Brien have been married 31 years.

    Sharon says she's had 14 homes in ten states during their marriage.

    Caitlyn O'Brien is the youngest of the three O'Brien children. She lives with her parents.

    Jim's father-in-law is former Pacer's coach Jack Ramsay.

    Anne Marie Tiernon/Eyewitness News

    Indianapolis - Long before the Indiana Pacers tip off, their coach is on the job. Jim O'Brien gets to work early every day, something his wife and children have gotten used to during his years in the NBA.

    Come game time, two of Coach O'Brien's biggest fans are always front and center at Conseco Fieldhouse.

    "She was the girl next door in college, I was a senior and Sharon was a sophomore," Coach O'Brien said referring to his wife.

    The O'Brien's have been married 31 years. Sharon's father is Hall of Fame Coach Jack Ramsay who was the Pacers coach 20 years ago. So Sharon knew the life she'd have with Jim.

    "We've lived in ten states and have had 14 homes in 31 years," saids Sharon.

    And like many young couples, their early years together were adventurous. "We were coaching a small college when we were in our 30's with 3 children and couldn't heat our house, but we were still happy," said Coach O'Brien.

    But now, with a contract worth millions, the O'Brien's have come a long way. Their children are now adults.

    Shannon is 29 and is a graphic designer in Brooklyn. Jack is 27 and is an editor in Missouri. Their youngest, Caitlyn is almost 25.

    "They're all Pacers fans right now. They know exactly when we play and whether they watch it on TV or on the internet, they know when every ball's bounced and when every basket is scored," O'Brien said.

    Caitlyn shares her father's passion for basketball. "I'm so glad that my dad is coaching again, which that's one of the things that matters to me most. I have such a great relationship with both of my parents and I want to keep it that way."

    Coach O'Brien says his daughter is a huge blessing to the whole family. "It's nice having an adult child who calls you daddy all the time."

    Caitlyn lives in the downtown condo with her parents and works at a local Home Depot.

    Coach O'Brien says that while basketball is a big part of his life, "it would not be as good without Caitlyn having Down Syndrome."

    Caitlyn's success is due in part because her parents pushed.

    "I would go to every one of her therapy sessions then I would be her teacher the other six days a week," said Sharon.

    Coach O'Brien appreciates his wife's dedication. "Sharon did a great job with Caitlyn just taking it one day at a time. Sharon could be a CEO of a company but she's made the decision for our family and to advance my career. Did I worry, no she's too strong to worry, and did I pay enough attention, not always."

    What is the couple most proud of? Sharon says that the spark is still there. Coach O'Brien agrees.

    But at work, he has a different perspective. "Our players know that the only thing important to me is being up one point at the end of every game."

    One thing in which both can agree, the most difficult aspect of being married to an NBA coach is the next game.

    Jim reports to work at 6:00 a.m. every day throughout the 82 game season. And he has little interest in celebrity.

    "It's a players league, I could care less about whether somebody recognizes me," he said.

    And saying he has no use for a yes man, O'Brien values honest feedback. He says he can thank his famous relative for that. "I feel having Jack be a father in law and a friend to me is a tremendous advantage to me. I call him after just about every game and he is a straight shooter. if he thinks I need to do something better, he'll tell me."

    And rank does matter. "In a time-out, if I have the team in front of me, can Jermaine O'Neal pipe up and say something, absolutely. Can everybody? No they can't."

    When asked if he has a favorite player. Coach O'Brien just laughs and says, "No. Not even close. I love them all, that's like asking do I have a favorite child. I have a favorite wife, that's about it."

    What are his thoughts about living in Indianapolis? "We're very, very happy here. I can see us being happy here for a very long time."

    And how long the O'Brien's remain Hoosiers depends on how the Pacers perform this season. No doubt that making the playoffs this year is a priority.

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    Default Re: Jim O'Brien intyerview tonight on WTHR channel 13

    So do I just need to watch the majority of the 11 PM newscast?
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    Default Re: Jim O'Brien intyerview tonight on WTHR channel 13

    I have the link up now
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    Default Re: Jim O'Brien interview from

    Thanks, Buck. JOB is a good dude.

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