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    Quote Originally Posted by McKeyFan View Post
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    No reason other than FG percentage.


    We need his defense. There are times when we need to slow it down. JO can be utilized then as well as in the running game.
    I strongly agree. Getting JO back and playing somewhere in the ballpark of his best, without expectations of his game from 4-5 years ago returning, will make the team even better. Maybe they are a .500-.520 team now and he makes them a .550 team. He allows the defense to spread out and defend away from the paint more, he cleans up problems created on the outside by Tins or Dun or Troy. And oh by the way, he draws doubles for a reason and that means defensive motion and holes to cut through for easy scores, or open jumpers on the weakside.

    "O'Neal isn't concerning himself with the future, except to deliver a message to critics who insist his career is declining.
    "I'm not going to be broken down," he said. "Do I believe I'm going to return to my form? Absolutely. I truly believe I'm going to return to my level.""


    This illustrates how sadly delusional JO is. I don't think he gets it. His PERSONAL "level" is not important. It's not about HIM. Its about the team and how many games they win. If he returns and averages 6 points and 3 rebounds, but the team wins every game, then this would bea GREAT success.

    If he returns and averages 20 and 10, and the team loses 2/3 of their games, then this is a great FAILURE. But I don't think JO would see it that way.

    Because Duncan would be happy playing poorly and unable to contribute to the TEAM in the manner he currently does. Because Reggie caught in a 10 game slump of 25% from 3 wouldn't say "I think I can get back to my level, it's just a slump".

    Holy freaking insane bias, when in the hell did it become a bad thing for a player to want to be at his top level. How does that hurt the team??? He didn't say "gets mine" or "put up my numbers" or "get me my touches fools". He said he wants to be at his level.

    By the way, so do the Pacers, his teammates, JOB and any decent, rational Pacer fans. You'd trade JO for Bynum or Duncan or whatever...why? To get a guy that can play "at that level".
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