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    It's halftime of game 5 and I'm struck by the fact that Rip Hamilton has scored a lot of easy buckets in the paint, but hasn't gone to the deck once. It seems to me that in the playoffs, if a guy - esp. a scrawy little guy - takes it into the paint thinking he's going to get the easy bucket, you've got to make him earn it with a hard foul. I don't suggest dirty play or flagrants, but the fact that to date in this series we have been almost anti-physical with Hamilton is a bit bothersome. Reggie obviously isn't going to body him up, but you'd think somebody underneath would do more than just grab or swat at him as he comes down the lane. Even when we do foul, it is so ticky tacky that we just give him the easy three point play. This is playoff ball, no easy hoops underneath by guards

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    Shoot - I posted on the wrong (a new) thread. Apologies

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    I think it's like guarding Reggie Miller; why waste your time fouling a 90% FT shooter.

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