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Thread: 11/28/2007 Game Thread 16: Pacers at Portland

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    Default Re: 11/28/2007 Game Thread 16: Pacers at Portland

    I think I will drop by the GSW forum to tell them about Duns 20 pt 11 rb game....
    "He wanted to get to that money time. Time when the hardware was on the table. That's when Roger was going to show up. So all we needed to do was stay close"
    Darnell Hillman (Speaking of former teammate Roger Brown)

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    Default Re: 11/28/2007 Game Thread 16: Pacers at Portland

    Man I love how these Pacers play, with tons of heart and never giving up. Keep it going boys.

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    Default Re: 11/28/2007 Game Thread 16: Pacers at Portland

    Quote Originally Posted by AesopRockOn View Post
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    Great win.

    I think these announcers were just as stupid and biased as the Denver ones. Those are the two worst I've seen so far.
    deff worse...and I thought Memphis announcers sucked!

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    Default Re: 11/28/2007 Game Thread 16: Pacers at Portland

    Read my Pacers blog:

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    Default Re: 11/28/2007 Game Thread 16: Pacers at Portland

    cant wait to beat the shiiiiiiiiiiiit out of detroit and chicago!!!!!!! hahaha im gonna laugh so hard when we blow those homers out this year!

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    Default Re: 11/28/2007 Game Thread 16: Pacers at Portland

    The announcers certainly sucked, but it seems like most brodcast teams do these days. There is definitley way too much talk about the other teams announcers in this thread.

    Jamaal gets a pass since we got the win, but my god does he need to stop jacking up contested 3s.

    Jeff Foster is a bad, bad man. He was the MVP of this game.

    Is Marquis hurt? How come he didn't play in the second half?

    We didn't play a very good overall game, which makes it even more impressive that this was a win in the second half of back to back road games. Let's finish the trip strong.

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    Default Re: 11/28/2007 Game Thread 16: Pacers at Portland


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    Default Re: 11/28/2007 Game Thread 16: Pacers at Portland

    great win. this team has me excited. But lets us not get ahead and say that this is team better without JO, I don't think so.

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    Default Re: 11/28/2007 Game Thread 16: Pacers at Portland

    Nice to get a win on the road. Start out the road trip 2-0.

    Some nice things from this game. Jeff was huge. Wow. Same with Granger. Granger had some big blocks for us.

    Dunleavy and Jamaal did a nice job for the most part. Both had double doubles. Jamaal struggled to shoot the ball but he'll be fine. He did come through when we needed him.

    Mike and Jamaal really had a lot of turnovers. They combined for 10. However they also combined for 8 steals so that was huge.

    Great to get the win. Nice that Portland only got to the line 13 times.

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    Paahking my caahr in Haahvad Yaahd... ;-)

    Thumbs up FINAL BOX SCORE

    Indiana Pacers STATISTICS
    J. Tinsley, PG414-161-86-61610650215
    D. Granger, SF407-162-67-8143213323
    J. Foster, C375-90-01-48173001211
    M. Dunleavy, SG377-122-54-43112430020
    T. Murphy, C203-72-30-002210028
    K. Rush, SG214-101-30-003210019
    S. Williams, SF213-50-10-013010036
    D. Harrison, C151-20-01-412010143
    M. Daniels, SG50-10-00-003110000
    T. Diener, PG40-10-00-000111000
    J. O'Neal, PFDid Not Play
    I. Diogu, PFDid Not Play
    S. Graham, SFDid Not Play
    A. Owens, SGDid Not Play
    C. Sims, CDid Not Play
    Totals 34-798-2619-26155124181051795
    Portland Trail Blazers STATISTICS
    L. Aldridge, PF3810-170-02-2490201322
    M. Webster, SG364-122-70-0281100210
    B. Roy, SG344-142-40-23108430110
    J. Przybilla, C242-50-02-216010036
    S. Blake, PG240-50-30-011522000
    J. Jack, PG344-112-62-2056420412
    T. Outlaw, SF3111-211-33-5372221226
    S. Rodriguez, PG151-31-10-000411023
    R. LaFrentz, PF40-20-00-011000030
    D. Miles, SFDid Not Play
    J. Jones, SFDid Not Play
    C. Frye, PFDid Not Play
    T. Green, PGDid Not Play
    J. McRoberts, PFDid Not Play
    G. Oden, CDid Not Play
    Totals 36-908-249-13154726171022089
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