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Thread: JO and Varejao S&T

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    Default JO and Varejao S&T

    Now I'm not saying that trading for Varejao is the best thing the Pacers could do right now.

    It really depends on the priorities of TPTB. Do they want to wait for JO to be as healthy as he can (he will never be completely healthy) and see if he can play in this offense or do they want to pull the trigger now.

    Cleveland is in a precarious situation with Varejao and now that he has said he doesn't want to play there anymore, it looks like they're going to S&T him.

    First I think it might be hard to get Cleveland to take JO because they've already dealt with having a big money maker with injury problems (Larry Hughes).

    So would you be willing to trade:

    Jermaine O'Neal (who could possibly be the sidekick LeBron is looking for)
    Jeff Foster (he's basically Varejao but older)


    Drew Gooden
    Donyell Marshall (to make salaries work, and hell he can shoot the three)

    Not saying this is the best value we can get for JO or anything, but would you be willing to deal with Cleveland given the circumstances right now.

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    Default Re: JO and Varejao S&T

    umm absolutely not. we could still get a lot more for JO

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    Default Re: JO and Varejao S&T

    Dear Lord, no. And I like Varejao, but he's not worth anywhere near the $$$ he wants.

    We don't have to trade JO. We can ride out his contract one more year, worst-case scenario, and use that cap space to go after a GOOD player.

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    Default Re: JO and Varejao S&T

    Gooden is a real solid player. AV is nice off the bench. Marshall is done. Washed up. Salary filler right now.

    However AV's salary would have to be way to high. And we can't afford to trade Jermaine to another team in our conference.

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    Default Re: JO and Varejao S&T

    I'd rather have a broken down, playing every other game Foster than Varejao. The guy's got no toughness; his only strength on defense is his flopping.

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