Yes I know it's Vecsey


November 16, 2007 -- FOR over a month now, in fact, within days after James Dolan and Isiah Thomas got posterized in a court of law by Anucha Browne-Sanders, Charles Dolan, the brains that created Cablevision, began showing up at Madison Square Garden twice a week for meetings that lasted four or five hours at a time.
“Before then I'd never seen the old man, not once," said a veteran Garden employee.

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No, not the security guard James Dolan recently threatened to fire for failing to open the car gate quickly enough.

And, no, not the security guard James Dolan verbally bullied because a delivery truck had parked too close to his parking spot.

In any event, the father's commanding presence was an incontrovertible sign the son, at long last, was being held accountable in some manner for years of wretched management and unseemly executive-on-down behavior that's polluted the organization's atmosphere and compelled even many hardcore fans to turn away in disgust.

In conversations with the father and the son, one can only hope and pray David Stern warned, unless sanity and decorum is restored overnight, some form of eminent domain would be declared; how much longer can he tolerate this fungus among us?

If only the NBA commissioner wielded the power to take over temporary control of the Knicks; first move, reinstate former Garden president Bob Gutowski as their caretaker; then fire Isiah Thomas as president and coach.

Even with James Dolan still in charge, I was fairly convinced Thomas' termination was going to happen Wednesday night following the Knicks' loss to the Clippers in LA - their fifth in seven games -or yesterday.

I continue to believe it could occur before tonight's game with the Kings in Sacramento (a halfway suitable replacement must be unearthed), and I'm not the only one.

The same source who tipped me off the Knicks had decided to buy out Larry Brown called to say Thomas had informed him Dolan was coming out west (a team official branded it inaccurate) to see him and sensed he was in severe job jeopardy.

Then again, that just might be wishful thinking. A couple Knick players and at least one staff member get the distinct impression Thomas wants to be fired and is going to extremes (I offer for evidence the bizarrely stained, even for Isiah, Stephon Marbury misadventure) to give Dolan no other choice.

Since Thomas' reputation is unredeemable and the players appear unreachable the gameplan - regardless whether it's conscious or subconscious - may very well be to get emotional relief, distance himself and his family from pervasive ridicule, take the severance and burrow deep.

If true, as usual Thomas is so inept he can't even get himself fired. Nothing he does - coaching appointments, trades, free agent signings, buyouts in the hundreds of millions of dollars - works. Even drafting Renaldo Balkman so high backfired when it turned out he had game.

Nothing, not even the Browne-Sanders verdict, provoked James Dolan to do what was right and get rid of the persons (guaranteed Steve Mills is a lost Anucha appeal away from being evicted as Garden COO) responsible for making such a stink and not cleaning it up.

Optimist that I am, I believe Dolan is on the verge of fumigating the premises. What everyone wants to know is why he supports losers so long? Obviously, it's his compulsive repulsiveness; he gets attached to someone or something or an affliction and he holds on tight no matter how much it messes up his life, his business or his pleasure.

If Dolan can endure so much suffering, his attitude is probably, why should family, employees and patrons have a problem with it.

The other question we want answered is, if Thomas doesn't get bounced for making a fool out of the Knicks and himself for allegedly authorizing Steph Infection to miss the Suns game (Garden interns' skirts were at half-mast) and then playing him his normal 34 minutes against the Clippers, what must he do to get fired?

1. Refer to Mrs. Dolan as a “nappy-headed ho."; 2. Grope any number of Rockettes ... twice; 3. Refinance the Garden with an adjustable rate mortgage; 4. Retire Latrell Sprewell's number; 5. Add OJ Simpson, gun drawn, as an assistant coach; 6. Take in Osama bin Laden as a border; 7. Run any future lineup changes through Tim Donaghy first; 8. Become a pitchman for DirecTV; 9. Use company letterhead to write Next Town Brown a letter of reference; 10. Testify alongside Marbury for Anucha at the appeal.