But I just got back from the game and didn't feel like siphoning through all of it but I get home and all I can think is WTF is up with Tinsley Tonight?

He was trying to rip the ball, make crazy shots and passes.(Only one of which worked). It all started around the time he went for the ball and basically tackled the dude(can't remember who now) and was trying to get a jump ball, and ever since then he put up random plays that would never work I guess since damn near everyone in Conseco was mad at him for trying to get the ball he was trying to be a hero or something. IDK, but it was just really weird, he was having a good game and then that happened and he started playing the game like a 3rd grader.

Tinsley probably cost us a lot of potential points(Not going to blame it on him alone though, since we shouldn't have let Murphy or Deiner touch the ball after the 2nd Quarter. JO needed to get the ball more but didn't even score until Q2. Very odd game tonight IMO. The only things(aside from the Celtics) that consistently looked good tonight were Danny Granger and Ashley Bidwell.

And I think there were more opposing fans here tonight than at any event I've ever been to. You'd think we were an hour from Boston. Odd.