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Thread: Just to Make it Official - KL Related

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    Default Just to Make it Official - KL Related

    Personally, I think we need to use as the "official" Keeper League site for the rest of this season.

    I think if able gets his site up and running we should all use it and be active but look at it as a test process for this season, something we plan on moving to 100% next year.

    But it's gotten deep enough into the season now where I think it would just be too confusing to move everything to another system.

    I definitely think we need to thank able for all his work on getting the new site going. I'm sure it will be great once it's up.

    As always, if most of the league disagrees with me, I'll go along with it but this makes sense to me.
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    Default Re: Just to Make it Official - KL Related

    I think this can be a good thing. Running it as a test beta for a season will create a great experience for next season. I't s a keep league, and that means "long haul".

    Thank you able for making a permanent home for us!
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    Default Re: Just to Make it Official - KL Related

    It looks like is going to be here for a while. Looks like they've picked up some new advertisements, including VIDEO ads (check the toys section).

    They're not much of a bother though. As long as they're making some money.

    EDIT: Haha - I just watched a video ad that made no sense. It was a guy and gal sitting together at a game and the guy was grabbing her.....stuff.......and doing annoying things. No idea what it was an ad for.
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    Default Re: Just to Make it Official - KL Related

    I agree with Rim. I am looking forward to seeing Able's site and putting it through the wringer for a test season.

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