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Thread: Danny Granger could lead this team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan_The_Dude View Post
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    I think Danny read what I said. I'm thinking he's out to prove himself and prove everybody wrong. He's been showing more testicular fortitude than I thought he was capable of showing. I still think Shawne has the higher ceiling because of all the natural talent he has, but Danny is bringing his game to a new level.
    Granger did not shoot a single 3ptr in the Dallas game and got to the line often....and scored 25pts. I think he's much more effective and will be more consistent that way. I would prefer to see Williams out there launching the 3, because he's even more accurate.

    Well, it is good to see Granger do well. He has moved his game up a solid level and a half IMO.

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    I have no problem with those setting high expectations for Williams as
    I've been telling people his upside exceedes Granger's since early last

    But that said, I hope that the Pacers '#1 option' in 2-3 years is the
    SG we aquire (wether a veteran or via the draft) by eventually trading

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    Default Re: Danny Granger could lead this team

    leader of this team? FEISTY! he sets the tone and tells people what to do - and he does it rather well

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