A sub topic in another thread discussed who could become the leader of this team that struggles with having no leadership.

Someone--I forget who--made the point that as long as JO is here, it is impossible for someone else to have that mantle. I pretty much agree with that.

But if he were traded, I think Granger could do it.

We don't see much of it now, because Danny's not the usurping type (which makes for a better leader, once he gets his opportunity). But I see Danny step up in games sometimes. I think he gets better in crunch time, unlike our other marquee players.

I also think he's an excellent human being with the character desired to pull it off (In fairness to JO, he's a decent guy too, but Danny doesn't have the ego baggage like JO).

If we were to trade JO--and the players in return aren't the leadership type--then I'll be interested to see how things go down. I could see Granger stepping up.