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Thread: KL - Explanation and links for position vote - Jason Smith to C/F

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    Default KL - Explanation and links for position vote - Jason Smith to C/F

    I'm going to spare you who lists him as center, who lists him as forward, and who lists him as both. Needless to say, it's an inconsistent mixed bag.

    I'm going to leave it to the ACTUAL NUMBERS:

    His minutes are split between C and PF:

    Listed as backing up Dalembert:

    Listed as center in the top 3 ranked 5-man units at 82 games:

    Dalembert's backup is supposed to be the veteran center Booth, right? Nope. It's now Jason Smith.

    His hometown newspaper The Philidelphia Enquirer has repeated stories about Mo's love of Smith and using him above all others to sub and back up Dalembert:

    "Sixers rookie Jason Smith started at center for the second game in a row. He scored 16 points and pulled down nine rebounds in his best preseason performance. Cheeks said that Smith and rookie center Herbert Hill have been two of the team's most pleasant surprises."

    "Without Dalembert, Cheeks will continue to offer extended power forward/center minutes to rookie Jason Smith"

    And finally, and as far as I'm concerned the nail in the coffin, is a quick look at the boxes for the last four games. The fewer minutes that D gets, the more Smith gets. The more D gets, the fewer Smith gets. And how many minutes are there for Booth in the last four games? In order: 3 mins, 4 mins, 3 mins, and then DNP-CD. Check it out:

    I'll post more of the articles, but my hand is tired from all the copy/paste.
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