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    Default OT: "The rims are broken" - Gilbert Arenas Blog (

    Vote for Gilbert, then read him explain his poor shooting and beg not to be put on waivers ( fantasy owners, that is).

    Vote for Me!
    Nov 7, 2007

    I'm Nominated for Best Celebrity Blogger
    You usually have to have a speech after you win an award, but since I might win (I mean, if anybody is paying attention to the rest of those blogs, they know the Hibachi is superior) I’ll blog about being nominated.

    Look at my competition. John Mayer? Who is he? Then you have Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump and that’s not fair because Donald talks about Rosie and Rosie talks about Donald. Ross Matthews … yeah, don’t know him. Kanye West … Kanye has a blog?

    The leader is Wil Wheaton from Star Trek: The Next Generation. No wonder why he’s winning, do you know how many Star Trek fans there are? They’re all sitting online in their parents’ house with their long hair and they’re sitting there voting for someone that nobody has heard of besides them.

    But I know who should win … the one and only.

    I’ve been blogging for over a year now. I had my year anniversary and I’m already in the top five. That’s called amazing.

    Wheaton is killing me. He has like 50 percent of the votes and I have like four percent. That is a disgrace. My NBA fans, we got to kick it in now. You’re talking about the integrity of basketball fans now when you let Star Trek people win. We can’t let Star Trek people win and we can’t let Donald O’Donnell win – they should be together.

    Fans, we beat Vince Carter out last season for All-Star votes, now we need to beat Mr. Star Trek and his little friends out for this Weblog Award.

    We’ll definitely rally to a strong No. 2 finish, but we can slide in to No. 1 if we’re all on the same page.

    Vote here!

    My Knee
    If y’all seen my performance against Orlando, you know why I have to get my knee drained before our game in New Jersey. My knee is stiff right now. It gets stiff when the weather changes. We had that back-to-back with Boston and Orlando and it was my first back-to-back since the injury. I have to get my knee drained and get the fluid out so I can be ready for the next 15 days. I guess it’s like a 15-day period after I drain my knee that I’m at 100 percent. There’s no pain, it’s just stiffness.

    Don't Put Me on Waivers
    Have you seen my stats? For all my fantasy owners, do not give up on me yet. I know my three-point percentage is horrific right now – 1-for-17 – but I think the rims are broken around the league. David Stern, you need to look into fixing these arenas. But really, 1-for-17, I’m shooting worse than … I don’t know who to say without pissing somebody off. I’m just shooting really bad right now, but I’ll get the mojo back in a minute.

    Odds and Ends
    The Wizards organization wanted me to throw this in because my blog is so popular. Go to the Wizards Store Website and our dance team did a calendar for the first time, like Miami does. Pick yourself up a dance team calendar because all proceeds go to the Zer0 2 Her0 Foundation.

    And remember, Gazo voices on November 10.
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    Default Re: OT: "The rims are broken" - Gilbert Arenas Blog (

    Gil is gonna smash that blogger award. It's gonna be Reagan vs. Mondale-esque.

    And you gotta love his honesty: "my three-point percentage is horrific right now" and "I’m shooting worse than … I don’t know who to say without pissing somebody off. I’m just shooting really bad right now."

    There's a man with integrity.

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    Default Re: OT: "The rims are broken" - Gilbert Arenas Blog (

    Whole lotta Hibatchi... here is an entry clarifying the article and giving the Celtics "credit"

    Give the Celtics Credit
    Nov 6, 2007

    The only reason I'm blogging is because one of the fans said to me while we were losing losing to Boston of Friday night, "Since you're getting your butt kicked by 20, you should blog about it."

    So here I am.

    Let's be honest: I've never seen anything like that before. It caught us off guard. We were so hyped coming into the locker room and then when you go on that floor … whoo!

    Right now it is great to be a Boston fan. You have the Patriots, you have Boston College, you have the Celtics, you have the Boston Red Sox who just won a championship. Right now it's great to be a Boston fan and I think it's the most excited the city has been for a long time. And it showed on Friday.

    The whole atmosphere was unbelievable.

    The Celtics did a great job. They made shots and KG performed – 22 and 20, you can't complain about that – plus Paul Pierce is going to do what Paul Pierce does and Ray Allen is going to hit open shots and make plays. Right now, by first glance, their continuity is there. That was the thing that people were worried about and what I was trying to bank on. You know they're going to be a good team, but I was trying to bank on that hopefully they wouldn't have their chemistry …

    … Oh, they had it!

    They had it and I had to eat my words on national television. 0-1 on predictions is not the way you want to start out the season, especially me with my mouth.

    But I did have two fans sitting on the front row wearing No. 0. They sat right next to the bench. They were two really good fans.

    I've been going to Boston for many years now and I've never seen anything like that. I know most of you were watching it on TV, but if you were there you could hear them just chanting my name which was beautiful because I don't think even Michael Jordan got his name chanted in another arena like that.

    Even though mine was chanted for hatred, it felt good. Now there's a bond between me and the Boston fans.

    What Went Wrong

    We were 0-for-16 from the 3-point line. When we broke down the play-by-play, the first period we were down three points, the third period we were up one and the fourth period we were up two. So it's a tie game if you take away that second period when they took their starters out and we took our starters out and you had Paul Pierce still in and he just went to work on us. They went on like a quick 12-0 run within two minutes and we could never get that back. Other than that, it was tied through the first, third and fourth periods.

    That second period is when you think they're taking their stars out and you're going to take advantage and we had to take our starters out to get some rest too. That lone wolf, Paul Pierce, has been doing it for many years by himself and he showed he still can.

    Early Season Struggles

    You got to win. We know this was going to be a difficult task with the teams we were playing early. We just have to focus. We play better from behind. In all the years I've been here, we play better as a team coming up from behind.

    It's the NBA. Some teams are going to win and some teams that are supposed to win are going to lose. It's early. Some teams are going to dominate once they get their rhythm 20 games into the season. Dallas, who won 67 games, started off the season 0-4 last year. The beginning of the season is messy. You just have to feel it out and make sure your chemistry gets together.

    I know a couple of people were concerned about how I was going to perform because I didn't play too much in the preseason and didn't really show any signs of explosiveness. The thing you fear is that you work out so hard in the summer to rehab and then come in to preseason or training camp and get hurt again and you never get to touch that NBA floor. That was my biggest concern so that's why I kind of played possum when I played in the preseason, used it to get in shape and be careful of what I did.

    Allow Me to Clarify

    I didn't realize when you do interviews for articles and stuff and when people read it, especially articles with me, they're ready to nitpick. I didn't know you have to talk in interviews like you're talking to idiots and explain every little detail. I didn't realize that.

    The biggest things that stood out to people about my interview with
    "I've been doing it my whole career -- when I had Larry [Hughes], who averaged 22 points in 2004-05 alongside Jamison's 19.6); Antawn, Caron," Arenas said. "I don't see Dwyane [Wade] doing that. I don't see Kobe doing that. I didn't see AI doing that. I don't see LeBron [James] doing it -- there's not another scorer with him scoring 20."
    Go back and look at the stat sheets from over the years and you'll see that what I was saying was really correct. You think that I was just a guy who took a lot of shots, but I've played team basketball with guys who have been big scorers. Look at the stats. It's right there.
    "'D-Wade had Caron [with the Heat in 2003-04]. Kobe had Caron [with the Lakers in 2004-05]. I have Caron. What's the difference?'

    Butler never averaged more than 15.5 points before he came to Washington."
    I want to take that back because that's not fair to Dwyane because Caron was only in his second year. He didn't have a feel for the game like he has now. If he played with Dwyane now he'd be in the same boat. Maybe even better. Who knows.
    "If you want to make everybody happy, you've got to get opportunities. You can't slow the ball up. I understand truthfully how Larry feels over there at Cleveland because, as athletic as they are, they slow the ball up so that if LeBron takes 25 shots and they only took 60 [as a team], it looks like he's dominating. But if you're running and he takes 25 shots and you got your 19 and somebody else got their 19, you don't know the difference."
    This is the NBA. Everybody wants to be scorers. If you're supplying that demand and the only way you're supplying that demand is pushing that ball, you're feeding everybody's egos.

    There are a lot of people who look better in certain systems because that's what type of player they are. People said, "You threw Larry under the bus." No, I didn't throw Larry under the bus, and this is why I want to clarify. I'm trying to tell you that you want to utilize him. You paid Larry money because Larry did something well: he scored. You can't have a guy who averaged 22 points one year and then go somewhere new and not get the same average and then you bash him. No, if you want him to be what he was, you need to change the tempo of your game. Besides Ilgauskas, you have runners. You have a team that wants to run. A team like Cleveland can run up and down and still bog down on defense. Their leader is one of the top athletes in the world. When we used to play them they always had us down 20 in the first period because they just ran and you couldn't stop them on the break.

    That's why I mentioned when LeBron first got there when he had Ricky Davis and Darius Miles, they were just flying up and down. I know Mike Brown came in and tweaked the defense and stuff like that, but if you want to utilize what Larry Hughes is, you need to open the floor and let them run more. With that team, your defense isn't going to go anywhere. But you want to bring the tempo up. You keep hearing his name in trade rumors and fans going, "We want him out of here, he doesn't fit the system." Well, sometimes you have to change the system for your players. I know a lot of coaches say the players need to fit their systems, but sometimes you have to tweak the system a little too. It's a 50-50 thing.

    "When I mentioned the trade requests of Kobe Bryant, with whom Arenas was linked in a recently rumored proposal that was instantly shot down by the Wizards, he shut his eyes and shook his head, tsk, tsk.

    'I don't understand that,' Arenas said. 'I don't understand a player like him sometimes.'"
    What I meant by understand him, I meant "understand greatness." It's easy for me to say, "Why do you want to leave?" For me looking at the situation as a fan, it's like, you're dominant. You're a dominant player. You wanted your own team. You wanted to be the man and carry your team to the Promised Land by yourself. You wanted to show the world you can do it. Now you've had three bad years. I shouldn't say that. Truthfully, I didn't consider them bad. For what you had, you brought a team that everybody had in last place to the playoffs in 2005-06 and that should have been your MVP. I counted him as my MVP because he took a team that everybody said wasn't going to make the playoffs and he took them to the playoffs and almost beat a great Suns team that had something like 55 wins that year.

    That's why I say, I don't understand because as a player, you're going to go through years like that. In Boston, Paul Pierce said the other day, "I've been here for 10 years and some of them have been grueling, rebuilding years. Years you want to give it up. But I hung in there and look what I have now." I understand you want to get another ring but, come on. You are the Lakers. You are L.A. Why leave a city that everybody identifies you with just to go somewhere else. It's like what I was saying when Reggie Miller was talking about coming back. I don't want to see you come back and put on another uniform. Come on, you're a Pacer. Everyone can't win a championship. Not everyone is that blessed. You left this league and gave us memories. You did your job.

    Sometimes I talk as a fan and I don't realize it sometimes when I attack things because I attack them like a fan. I attack them how I think a fan is saying instead of thinking as a player, "Uh oh, I might have to pay for this later."
    "I told Arenas that I imagined at his best he could be like Isiah Thomas, who won two championships as a scoring point guard. He nodded in agreement and said, 'I'm much stronger and a better shooter than he was.'"
    I was like, yeah, "I'm a little stronger and I can shoot the ball better so if I remind you of Isiah Thomas and he's a Hall of Famer, I'm on the right track." He's a legend. If I'm stronger and shoot the ball better and you're comparing me to him, I'm doing something good.

    When people read my stuff now, they're ready for controversy. But sometimes I just like to have a conversation. I didn't know I had to explain everything afterwards.
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    Default Re: OT: "The rims are broken" - Gilbert Arenas Blog (

    The best blog from an NBA player ever!

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    Default Re: OT: "The rims are broken" - Gilbert Arenas Blog (

    Maybe he should take a cue from Ron and start talking to the rims.

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    Default Re: OT: "The rims are broken" - Gilbert Arenas Blog (

    Dude has got humor though
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    Default Re: OT: "The rims are broken" - Gilbert Arenas Blog (

    Gilbert is a surprisingly good writer.
    "They could turn out to be only innocent mathematicians, I suppose," muttered Woevre's section officer, de Decker.

    "'Only.'" Woevre was amused. "Someday you'll explain to me how that's possible. Seeing that, on the face of it, all mathematics leads, doesn't it, sooner or later, to some kind of human suffering."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcadian View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    Gilbert is a surprisingly good writer.
    gil doesn't actually write the blog, there is a writer or "guy behind the guy" who interviews gil for the blog then writes it.


    Our (Brief) Interview With Gilbert Arenas

    Yesterday, on invitation from the fine folks at EA Sports, we talked to Wizards zuperstar Gilbert Arenas at the NBA Store in Manhattan for exactly seven minutes and 16 seconds. Here's a complete, exact transcript of the interview, which was almost entirely about his blog. We didn't take a picture, because we thought asking someone to shoot one would be helplessly dorky.

    Hi, I'm Will. I run Deadspin. A lot of our readers are fans of you.
    The blog guy, hey. You're the No. 1 blogger, yeah.

    I wouldn't say that. I think that's Wilbon. [laughs uncomfortably, alone] That guy you were talking to before me, that's the guy who does your blog, right?
    Yeah, that's Dave [McMenamin]. He's the guy behind the guy.

    How long are the interviews, usually? He just calls you up and asks you questions and writes it up?
    Usually about 15-20 minutes, depending on how I'm feeling and the topic. During the season, it's once a week, but he's going to Europe next week with Boston, so that hampers it a bit.

    How much time do you spend on the Web, personally?
    Not as much as you'd think. I check out my MySpace. I'll go on sites to see what's funny on YouTube.

    Do you have any regular sites you check out, sports sites, whatever?
    No. Well, yeah, but I can't tell you, I can't put those out there.

    So you're saying only porn?
    Yes. [smiles]

    Excellent. I think one of the reasons you've become popular in a different way than some other athletes have is because of your blog. Do you get a lot of reaction from the site from players or people in the stands? Do you hear a lot about it?
    When I do the blog, I have things in my mind that people catch on to. For a while, it was the Hibachi thing that got big. The 10 dollar thing, the making bets with the fans thing, and me getting in trouble for it, people like to yell that out at me too. That was funny, because they're actually paying attention.

    I think you appeal to a certain type of smarter fan, like the Wizznutzz crew, who aren't necessarily the Paint Your Face And Scream
    Obscenities. (Ed. Note: Nope. They just dress up like Wizards.) I think the blog is a large part of that.

    Well, some people would rather not go to arenas, they'd rather just sit at home and watch the game at home, or play on the computer. There's a lot of people like that. You've got your video gamers, who just sit at home and play video games all day. So by blogging, and playing video games, I'm actually getting to them.

    Have you been to Wizznutzz?
    My dad is more into the stuff like that, the RealGM, the Wizznutzz, those types of things. He tells me what's going on. He was sitting there for five, six hours, posting under fake names, "how do you like that Gilbert Arenas? He's a jackass, huh?" Just to see what the response is.

    Do you at least go to ESPN? Do you have an email account?
    I don't, no. If someone tells me someone wrote something about me, I'll go check it out, and I'll "log in." [makes actual air quotes]

    Do other players come to you and tell you they want to set up a blog, or talk to you about it?
    I don't think they know how big it is. There were three other players who blogged, but it didn't really catch on. The business people know about it, but I don't think the players do.

    So if you -- or, well, Dave, anyway -- called out somebody on the site, they wouldn't know about it?
    Unless someone in PR told them or something. I talked about Penny, and he came to me and said, "My PR guy told me you mentioned me in your blog. Thanks!"

    Has there ever been anything in the blog that Dave's put in that you've asked him to take out?
    It's usually the other way around. There's some stuff I wanted in there that they wouldn't let me put in. [points to Dave] Hey, Dave, we gotta give a shoutout to Wizznutzz.

    Was the idea to do the site yours?
    They actually came to me about it. At first I didn't think I had the time for it, but I thought if Chris Paul has the time to do it, I can.

    And nobody reads Chris Paul's site.
    That's what I'm gonna outsell him in video games this year. Nobody reads his site.

    Do you guys ever scramble to come up with stuff for the site?
    That's what it's surviving: I have an entertaining life. I thought I was boring. When I went through my life, I was like, "I sit around and play video games all day. Nobody wants to hear about this." But once I started doing the site, I was like, "Yeah, I do have an interesting life!"

    Well, Dave makes it look interesting, anyway.
    Totally. I always have something going on.
    This is the darkest timeline.

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    Default Re: OT: "The rims are broken" - Gilbert Arenas Blog (

    I acutually debated between typing "he was a surprisingly good writer" and "does he have a ghost writer?"
    "They could turn out to be only innocent mathematicians, I suppose," muttered Woevre's section officer, de Decker.

    "'Only.'" Woevre was amused. "Someday you'll explain to me how that's possible. Seeing that, on the face of it, all mathematics leads, doesn't it, sooner or later, to some kind of human suffering."

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