This has been an issue for as long as this league has been around.

I hope to get together with Displaced Knick once he returns & sort this out once and for all.

As we were putting the league together I had hoped that Able's site would be open before the season & in an effort to set some guidelines going into the draft I decided to use as our sole reference for multi-position players.

During the draft the site opened up & we started using their listing for multi-position players.

We still hoped to move to Able's site & use the info for all our players. has thrown us a curve ball, so this is what I would like to see happen.

1. I think we should use the multi-positions for the players that has given us. I'd like to carry those over should Able's site become active in the coming weeks. That would include the players we have voted on.

2. Since we started the draft with the intent on using the player postions on Able's site, I think we should pass any vote that uses as a reference.

An example of this was the recent vote on Brian Scalabrine.

The vote to allow him to play CF failed, but the site does in fact list him as a CF. If we had already moved to Able's site he would be listed as a CF. I think we should allow him that position on as well.

Here is the link for Scalabrine

If any other votes come up & reference only, please vote yes. We went into the draft with just that idea. I'd rather not change the rules in the middlle of the game.