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Thread: Marc Stein's ESPN Power Rankings (Pacers #14)

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    Default Marc Stein's ESPN Power Rankings (Pacers #14)

    2007-08 Power Rankings: Week 1
    1 (1) Spurs 3-0 It wasn't the toughest competition, true, but the champs were the only team in the league to play three games in the first four days of the season. And they didn't look so old to us.

    2 (3) Celtics 2-0 Pounding Washington to muzzle Arenas and scraping an OT victory in Toronto is not just a good start. It's a good start that happens to come with the bonus of six home games in the next nine.

    3 (6) Pistons 3-0 An unbeaten Week 1 would be pleasing enough, but Detroit has only played at home once -- and has only dressed Rip Hamilton once -- so far. So pleasing is underselling things for the East's old reliables.

    4 (5) Rockets 3-0 Congratulations, Rockets. Your reward for completing a tidy opening week featuring two road wins and a 47-point detonation from T-Mac? A visit Monday to Dallas, then San Antonio at home Tuesday.

    5 (4) Mavericks 2-1 They played the first two games without the suspended Josh Howard, so the Mavs can't be too down about a split in Cleveland and Atlanta. Don't forget that their 67-win season started much worse: 0-4.

    6 (2) Suns 2-1 You know how teams that know they can't prove themselves until May or June sometimes struggle getting up for games in November? Phoenix can only hope that's what happened Friday against the Lakers.

    7 (14) Raptors 2-1 Deflating as it was to lose in OT to the Celts at home, you suspect that the Raps and their rabid fans will spend more time dwelling on the 37-point mauling of New Jersey in the teams' first playoff rematch.

    8 (11) Magic 2-1 Anyone else get the feeling, watching Dwight Howard rumble for 16 points, 12 points and seven blocks in Orlando's opener, that KG might have some competition in East?s Best Big Man rankings?

    9 (16) Hornets 3-0 The Hornets started 4-0 last season, so this is nothing new. The newsy part is how Chris Paul, as we anticipated, is already running his team with a check-me-out edge after that long-term injury absence.

    10 (20) Lakers 2-1 Pounding Phoenix in Phoenix without Odom? And then pulling away from Utah? That's two pretty loud and impressive statements from a team that hadn't made any on-court noise since about February.

    11 (12) Nuggets 2-1 First Iverson said they'd win 60. Then 'Melo said it. Coach Karl said he'd settle for 55 wins, which would set a new franchise record, but someone obviously forgot to share the plan with New Orleans.

    12 (7) Jazz 2-2 After 250 points in two games, we get it: Utah still has Golden State's number. The bad news? Utah is 0-2 against everyone else and has only one game left with the Warriors . . . which isn't until February.

    13 (22) Hawks 1-1 The first five opponents might represent the toughest part of their schedule: Mavs, Pistons, Nets, Suns and Celtics. But the Hawks are more than surviving for starters. In fact, they really should be 2-0.

    14 (23) Pacers 3-0 Focus, if you wish, on the fact that their victims -- Washington, Miami and Memphis -- are a combined 0-8 so far. We won't. The Pacers rank as our undisputed Team O' The Week regardless.

    15 (24) Clippers 2-0 Week 2 commences with eight teams still unbeaten. Yet it's safe to say none of them are happier than the Clips, who dare to believe that Maggette, Kaman and Tim Thomas can fill the Elton Brand void.

    16 (25) Bobcats 2-0 They were dreadful at the line against Milwaukee and shaky at the finish in Miami. But two wins by a total of five points means that the Bobs are two games over .500 for the first time in team history.

    17 (10) Cavaliers 1-2 LeBron knows to never expect any sympathy, but maybe we can spare just a little, with the Halloween treat of a home opener against Dallas followed by a six-game trip out West . . . and still no sign of Varejao.

    18 (15) Nets 2-1 Overreacting to one game, especially in Week 1, is ill-advised. But it ain't so easy to be philosophical about a 37-point home loss so early, just as the Suns' 21-point loss to the Lakers freaked out folks in Phoenix.

    19 (8) Bulls 0-3 All those years of playing through KG and Pau rumors, on second thought, apparently didn't prepare the Bulls for the Kobe Cloud hanging over them. Shouldn't they be beating Philly at home, distracted or not?

    20 (9) Warriors 0-3 If anyone's still wondering why Stephen Jackson was entrusted with the Warriors' captaincy, you'll note that they've looked absolutely lost without him in the first three games of Jack's seven-game suspension.

    21 (18) Bucks 1-2 He survived his Opening Night jitters, then contributed 16 points in a win over Chicago in the home opener. Next up for Yi Jianlian? Just a game awaited by millions back home: Yi vs. Yao in Houston on Friday night.

    22 (21) Knicks 1-1 Isiah has to be downright grateful already that the Knicks narrowly avoided the shame of losing their home opener to rebuilding Minny, with Denver returning to MSG on Tuesday for the first time since Fight Night.

    23 (13) Heat 0-3 We're still optimistic about Ricky and Blount, but that seven-spot bump might have been a tad optimistic. With a 16-game losing streak, if you include exhibitions and the playoffs, back down they must go.

    24 (17) Wizards 0-3 Expected to be commenting here about a big response from an offended Arenas after suggestions he might be traded for Kobe. Instead? We're talking about Gil's still-sore knee and the big words he couldn't back up.

    25 (19) Grizzlies 0-2 They'd have preferred a win or two off the bat, but they'll have to settle for the four-ringed Gregg Popovich insisting that 'I'm not blowing smoke' when he calls the Grizz a playoff team.

    26 (28) 76ers 1-2 The two most rabid Sixers fans we know didn't even gloat after their oft-dissed team went to Chicago and spoiled the Bulls' home opener. As poorly as the Bulls have started, I still think they should have.

    27 (26) Trail Blazers 0-3 Blazermaniacs know real disappointment, so we're guessing they'll be able to rationalize a winless start that required their Oden-less heroes to open with a three-game trip through the mighty Southwest Division.

    28 (27) SuperSonics 0-3 A winless start and the stark reality of owner Clay Bennett formally filing his request to move the franchise to OKC is a pretty depressing combo. The consolation: Durant is already getting better every game.

    29 (30) Timberwolves 0-2 If the Wolves can play as hard in the next 80 games as they did in the first two, who knows? Maybe the diehards in 'Sota who've been stripped of their beloved KG will develop a bit of a soft spot for the new kids.

    30 (29) Kings 0-3 Making the new coach's curfew? Apparently not a problem on the Kings' first trip of the season. The problem was finding a way to stay within single digits of the other team with Bibby out and Artest suspended

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    Default Re: Marc Stein's ESPN Power Rankings (Pacers #14)

    can't argue with that. He moved the pacers up 9 spots and actually put some sort of logic behind his ranking.

    It wasn't about being the team everyone loved, it was about beating the teams everyone else loved.

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    Default Re: Marc Stein's ESPN Power Rankings (Pacers #14)

    Yeah I'd say that this is the most reasonable of the power rankings. Being 6th or 8th is nice, but 14th is more realistic IMO.

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    Default Re: Marc Stein's ESPN Power Rankings (Pacers #14)

    Definetely where I expected us to be. Being ranked 6th is nice to make you feel warm and fuzzy, but is probably too high for right now at least. Stein does seem to be pretty impressed by our start there if you read between the lines.

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    Default Re: Marc Stein's ESPN Power Rankings (Pacers #14)

    Quote Originally Posted by Indy View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    Definetely where I expected us to be. Being ranked 6th is nice to make you feel warm and fuzzy, but is probably too high for right now at least. Stein does seem to be pretty impressed by our start there if you read between the lines.
    You mean "undisputed team o the week". Not exactly hidden.

    But I agree, he obviously is impressed despite the quality of the competition.

    BTW, the Hawks starting schedule. Yikes! Just avoiding 0-5 already is a big accomplishment.

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    Default Re: Marc Stein's ESPN Power Rankings (Pacers #14)

    19th I will however say that Philly played really well.

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