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Thread: Marc Stein Chat - 11/5/07

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    Default Marc Stein Chat - 11/5/07

    i don't have insider so i can't see the full thing, but this portion was posted by Count55 (who used to frequent this place some) on RealGM. just some interesting pacer-related info.

    Josh (Boston ,MA): I know it's early but, do think the play of the Lakers has changed anything in Kobe's mind about staying with the team if they could make a decent trade Like J. O'Neal. Without losing Bynum

    Marc Stein: (11:06 AM ET ) I really don't. I haven't picked up on one inkling that Kobe has in any way changed his mind.

    Steve(Lawrenceville,GA): Will JO be a Pacer after the deadline? Ike is looking pretty good.

    Marc Stein: (11:07 AM ET ) I was specifically told last week that the Pacers have no interested in moving him. Things could always change, I suppose, but if the Pacers' opening week was no mirage they're going to want to keep their best player around. Coach Obie loves 3-point shooters, but he loves defense just as much. And Jermaine, when healthy, is one of the league's foremost game-changers defensively.

    Eddie (ID): I know you said the Power Ranking will be out soon, but I can't wait. Tell me you have moved the Lakers up after a 2-1 start and wins vs Phx & Utah!

    Marc Stein: (11:25 AM ET ) It's safe to say they moved up a fair bit . . . along with Atlanta, Indy, Charlotte and L.A.'s other team.
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    Default Re: Marc Stein Chat - 11/5/07

    Interesting stuff. Lets hope we don't get too caught up in press clippings.

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