Ok, I've stayed up late (even for me) because I had an extra hour due to the time change so I will make this very very short.

Pull all of the negatives you want out of this (sloppy offense, Jamaal with questionable play, lack of p.g. defense, Harrison being Harrison, etc., etc.) and it still adds up to a win for the Pacers.

Look it is in my nature to find fault. In fact what I do for a living (well one of the things I do for a living) is try and find an underlying problem and correct it. So that is why often times I come on here and see a win and go "yea, but".

However this is a new year and a whole new set of rules.

There is something to be said for this, winning is contagous. We are finding ways to win games which, IMO, is a hell of a lot differant than the last few years when we were finding ways to lose games.

Does it matter what the opponets record is? No, it does not. You play who you play. Yes I realize that we have yet to face a great team or even a great player (Arenas aside) but these are the same types of teams that we have had real trouble with over the past few years.

Remember from games 1 & 2 "never surrender" because that held through on game 3 as well.

That's not to say there may not be some trouble. It will be interesting to see how both O'Brien and Harrison react to that little incident.

BTW, for the record LA you were not getting flamed by an entire room. There was one person in the room who had your back. Roaming Gnome immediately stood up when he read what you had to say and yelled at the top of his lungs "Damn straight, J.O. has got to learn to control this crap." He then went on about a 5 min. lecture on why Drew Gooden really isn't that much worse of a player and frankly in retrospect comparing J.O. to John Koncack was an insult to Koncack.

We were all stunned, but hey what could we say it was his house and he has a viscous man eating dog that was ready to tear us up if we even dared to offer a rebuttal.

Anyway, back to the game.

This is a real and honest question that I thought about on the way home.

Have the Pacers in their history ever had two wing players at the same time be dynamic scoreres? I know Mikey Johnson and Ricky Sobers for one season but they were not traditional wing players at all, then did Adrian Dantley ever play with John Williams here? Even if they did it was less than a season.

Honestly, is this the first time that we have had this?

Ok, crap I forgot Artest & Reggie. But I will argue that by the time Ron was here Reggie was way past being a dynamic scorer other than on rare occasions.

Help me out here guys, I am drawing a blank.

We need to pick up the rebounding a little bit, hopeing Troy's return helps with that.

12 players played? Not in a blowout? Unheard of?

Not anymore, this is the New Indiana Pacers.

Look please don't anybody think I'm being a pollyana here. I just have low expectations going into the season and so far they are far and away going above what I expected.

Oh one last thing about the small gathering.

There was one person in the room who believed all night long that the team would win.

Just call me the new Sally Sunshine.

Maybe I better talk about Walsh or something so that way I can make my posts more balanced.