Last year we had the thread just about how tough it was going to be in March, but that turned into general talk about upcoming sets of games. So I figured we'd just go that route right off this year. Plus no one wanted to see another thread with "cakewalk" in the title.

With that in mind the Pacers do have a bit of a cakewalk coming up. Okay, I'm joking a bit and not dismissing any success ahead of time, but I do feel good about the first few weeks after seeing game 1.

No JO and a high scoring Wiz team who are led by a star PG, the Pacers weak point on defense, and they got that win. It was at home, but both teams were fresh too. Perhaps they caught WSH not ready for a higher tempo I suppose, but WSH likes to score the ball so I don't know. They were dragging early in the game, even QB mentioned it. Whatever, win 1.

But now we catch MIA on a 2nd night and roading from FLA to Indy. And JO returns. Then our 2nd night is close by in Memphis and they don't appear to be very good at this point. On paper that looks like 2 good chances for wins.

Then a nice set of days off and a home game vs LAC, and with Shawne returning. The Clips are on a 2nd night of a roady coming from Chicago. You assume JO and Troy go there and know that without Brand this is another on-paper win.

A day off for travel just to Charlotte, and they are another team poised to not be very good. They actually travel just as much as Indy since they play in Philly the WED before too. On paper, win.

Back home for a 2nd night, the best way to get a 2nd night, and it's vs Denver. Not the Wiz, but a solid playoff team. But they are coming from just as far on their own 2nd night of a roady from WSH. Sweet deal for Indy. Not quite an on-paper win, but seems reasonably favorable for the Pacers.

Could be a chance to get to 5-1/6-0 before hitting a nasty set of Boston and then on the road to WSH and TOR in week 3. Even if that goes rough the tasty schedule before that could help get fan excitement going and build some team confidence before the grind sets in.

Since this will be ongoing I'm trying to avoid getting too far out in front, keeping it just to the next 2-3 weeks (although I can't tell you what to do )