Some more info on his vote:

First of all, he's with the same team as last year, with the same coach as last year in the same system as last year with the same roster as last year.

According to Hoops, he played 66 games a center and 10 as F, last year.

"Is there a big difference in the positions (power forward and center), in terms of role you play in the triangle offense?
I think so. The center is a playmaker, with all those cutters and the movement you get to pass the ball. The power forward has the job of the backside of the offense, going to the boards and knocking down jumpers from the pinch post and stuff like that. So I think they are different, but I can play both, that's no problem.

"Last year, if you remember, I played the 4 and the 5 at some points. Wherever I can fit in, I'm going to fit in."

He's starting at PF with Odom out, but will go back to backing up the PF and C position once Odom is back.

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