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Thread: Ladies and Gentlemen...

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    Default Ladies and Gentlemen...

    I give you, Peck's wet dream:

    Pacers starting lineup

    PG - Tinsley
    SG - Miller
    SF - Artest
    PF - O'Neal
    C - Croshere

    That is all.
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    Default Re: Ladies and Gentlemen...

    Maybe Foster was the only ego who wouldnt be damaged...

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    Default Re: Ladies and Gentlemen...

    Cro is giving us what we used to have Brad give us: Spacing. In fact, because of his 3 ball, he's giving us more. Now, he's not Brad II, but in that one aspect he does a terrific job of doing what Mr. Miller did, and it's working splendedly in combination with our SUPERB energy tonight.

    I'm just floored Rick Carlisle, who to this day is still criticized for being too rigid, altered the STARTING FIVE. Wow!

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    Default Re: Ladies and Gentlemen...

    And he just hit a crucial 3 to end the half.

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    Default Re: Ladies and Gentlemen...

    If Cro keeps playing like this, I can live with it.

    I wish he'd stop with the double-pump/dunk attempt/blocked by Ben Wallace combo, though. Pass that ball, Cro!
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    Default Re: Ladies and Gentlemen...

    Cro is a badass, really, I heard rumors about him starting. But I really wondered who he would start for. He could play every position but PG on offense. He has really played good D too. I think Sheed hittin those fade aways over Cro is more Sheed thinking he owns Cro, a mental thing. He woulda missed those against JO. Not to mention the disrespect Cro gets from refs like he was Samaki Walker out there or something....

    but ya go Cro!

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