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Thread: ABA Issues we need addressed today!

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    Default ABA Issues we need addressed today!

    The first issue is with who has signed up & who has not. Here is a copy of who has signed up for the league so far.

    Belfast Banshee j_slaughter
    Burnzone Firestorm burnzone
    Young Turks Bellisimo
    Terre Haute Highlanders BostonCnextion
    Baltimore Bulldogs kperica
    Las Vegas Devils DrBadd
    Indianapolis Magic Rats magicrat
    Strong Badia Burninators Shade
    Hometown Hotshots indysports
    Serenity Valley Browncoats Mal007pd
    Sudden Valley Zuckercorns avoidingclowns
    Xiongnu Barbarians rcarey
    Whale's Vagina Scholars JayRedd
    Nashville Razorbacks pig_nash
    DC Dimedroppers bnd45
    Rdbull NZ Breakers redbull_yamaha
    Indy Believe Train Indy
    Fountain Square Mushroom Tips rm1369

    I have questions about the 2 teams that are highlighted. I'm not 100% sure who the owner of the Baltimore Bulldogs are, my guess is Bulldog but the owner is listed as kperica, so I'm not sure.

    The other is Red Bull. What is your name here on PD?

    As of now we have 18 teams signed up. Here is the list from our drafting thread of players that have not signed up yet.

    Naptown Menace
    Diamond Dave
    Diamond Dave00
    Lone Granger 33
    Skaut Ech

    The problem is that would give us 25 teams, so something is screwed up. My guess is RedBull is not one of the 7 listed above & most likely will fill in for someone who doesn't create a team by tonight.

    Problem 2 is, it looks more & more likely that we'll be using the site as our primary league home, at least early in the season. So, I need everyone to log in and create a team if you have not done so yet.

    league number: 80271
    league password: pacers

    Problem 3 is I will not get full commish powers until after our first game has started. If we can get the league filled, I can start the draft & get the rosters in place before the deadline for our 2nd game.

    We'll get these issues taken care of & the rest of the season will be a blast.
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