There are 288 players on our rosters & I don't have the time to go thru everyones roster & add what position each player plays.

So, I'm asking each team owner to post thier own 12 man roster here, in this thread, with the position that has listed for each of your players on there players page.

I'll give you an example using my roster.

Jose Slaughter
G Baron Davis
G Manu Ginobili
G T.J. Ford
G Sam Cassell
G-F Tracy McGrady
F Al Thornton
F Ronnie Turiaf
F Amir Johnson
F-C Drew Gooden
C Stromile Swift
C Spencer Hawes
C Patrick O'Bryant

Set your lineups like you want them to be scored. There are a couple different threds on here explaining just how to do that. There is also a FAQ page on that also explains how to set your lineup.

Some player positions have changed on so please double check to see if a player you drafted is now eligible to play multiple positions. Much like McGrady as a G/F or Drew Gooden, now listed as a F/C. Multi-positional players can be listed as either a G/F or a F/G. In the case of big men, F/C or C/F. Just depends on how you wish to use them in your lineup.

Please try to have these posted by 6 PM Indianapolis time on Tuesday.

Also, I'm having a little trouble in finding a replacement owner for one of our teams. If you have a suggestion, either contact them, me or both so we can fill the spot quickly.

About half of our league has experience with setting these type lineups so if you have questions, please ask. I have very limited web access at the moment but there are a lot of vets around that will be very glad to help.