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Thread: New Book about the Indianapolis Racers

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    Thumbs up New Book about the Indianapolis Racers

    Hello all.

    There's a new book about the Indianapolis Racers.
    In case you don't know, they were Indy's major league hockey team
    and they only lasted from 1974-1979.

    The book is:Red White and Blues: a personal history of Indianapolis Racers Hockey 1974-1979.

    I'm a good friend of the author and I don't think too many Indy sports fans
    really know the history of the team (both Gretsky and Messier once played for Indy .)
    There's also 32 pages of photos, including Gretzky as a skinny teenager!!

    Anyway, next weekend while were anticipating the Colts beatdown of the Pats, he'll be in town autographing copies of the book.

    The first signing is Sat. Nov. 3rd at the Barnes & Noble in Carmel from 1-3
    Then he'll be at Greek Tony's Pizza in Carmel from 3-5.
    He'll also be at a downtown bookstore on Gameday.

    The team is having their 30th anniversary reunion that weekend as well.
    He also maintains a really nice site about the team
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    Default Re: New Book about the Indianapolis Racers

    Will he be the downtown Borders or what? This is not for my personal information (I don't live in Indy anymore) but I think it would be beneficial to say what book store exactly it was since that will be such a high traffic area on gameday.

    Seems like a very interesting book, btw. I'm not a hockey fan at all but would definately support a team if Indy fielded one. If frickin Columbus Ohio has one, why can't we?

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