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Thread: 10/24 Wells blog: Granger or Daniels?

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    Default 10/24 Wells blog: Granger or Daniels?

    Granger or Daniels
    Posted by Mike Wells

    Is preseason over yet? I’m sure all of you are ready for the regular season to start.

    I was talking to an Eastern Conference official recently and he asked me why Marquis Daniels isn’t in the starting lineup.

    I responded, “Who would he start over?”

    He said Danny Granger because he gives the Pacers two playmakers on the court at the same time (Jamaal Tinsley is the other).

    While there could be an argument for Daniels to start, especially after the way Granger looked through the first six preseason games, I like him off the bench.

    Daniels’ versatility gives coach Jim O’Brien options on how he can use him off the bench. He can bring him in at point guard, shooting guard or small forward. Daniels will also be the Pacers primary playmaker when Tinsley goes to the bench.

    The starting group of Granger, Tinsley, Jermaine O’Neal, Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy looked good in the little amount of time they played together. The Pacers have three players – Granger, Dunleavy and Murphy – that shoot 3-pointers, a distributor in Tinsley and O’Neal scoring down low.

    Even though Daniels may not start, you should expect to see him on the court late in games.

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    Default Re: 10/24 Wells blog: Granger or Daniels?

    Whenever I read stuff like this, I always wonder who the eastern conference official is. Beyond that, agree with Wells, Daniels is better coming off the bench.

    I expect to see Daniels on the court late in games - usually in place of Murphy - unless we need some size and in those situations, I still expect to se Murph on the bench and Foster in the games. Daniels would likely replace Granger or Dunleavy if the Pacers need two bigs in the game.

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    Default Re: 10/24 Wells blog: Granger or Daniels?

    My concern is with dribble penetration. Tinsley is so erratic and prone to calling his own number when he shouldn't at times. Dun is good getting to the paint but typically Foster-esque on the finish. And Danny just isn't a ball handler yet, though it would be nice to see that develop this year.

    So for those reasons I can see why you'd use Quis at the 2 or 3 starting. Let's face it, he probably will get in there thanks to injuries along the way.

    He and Dun are by far the 2 biggest facilitators on the roster IMO. Gotta get both of them major minutes, 30+ I'd think, 6th man or otherwise.

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