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Thread: No love for Pacers by "experts" predictions

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    Default No love for Pacers by "experts" predictions

    J.A. Adande CENTRAL: 5 | EAST: 13 A team heading in the wrong direction, as indicated by their record after acquiring Ike Diogu, Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy: 15-19. Might as well move Jermaine O'Neal.

    Greg Anthony CENTRAL: 5 | EAST: 12 On paper, a team with a lot of talent. On paper, a team with a lot of injuries. Seems like a roster destined not to have a player go 75 games. I like Jim O'Brien as a coach, and he will benefit Jermaine O'Neal.

    Barry CENTRAL: 5 | EAST: 12 Don't know what to expect here. It's a team that has really underachieved the last few years. Biggest question is if Jermaine O'Neal trade talk finally results in a deal.

    ESPN Mag CENTRAL: 5 | EAST: 14 Dismissing Rick Carlisle won't remove the "Curse of Ron-Ron.'' The slide into the abyss will continue, and Jermaine O'Neal will probably be packing his bags before the trade deadline in February.

    ESPN Mag CENTRAL: 4 | EAST: 13 I know a high-ranking NBA official who sees them in the playoffs, based on the addition of coach Jim O'Brien. Does the league drug-test its front offices? Because what the Pacers don't have are enough Jim O'Brien-type players. Move Jermaine O'Neal already and get on with the rebuilding.

    Ford CENTRAL: 5 | EAST: 13 On paper, they look bad, but they could be a surprise "chemistry" team if Jermaine O'Neal stays healthy, Jamaal Tinsley shows up every night and Danny Granger improves. If they made the playoffs, I wouldn't be shocked. If they were worst in the East, that wouldn't shock me either.

    Hill CENTRAL: 5 | EAST: 14 They'll be jockeying with Philly for worst team in the East. Inside, the Pacers are OK. But on the perimeter, they are scary. As in, bad scary.

    Hollinger CENTRAL: 5 | EAST: 14 Not sure what the plan is here, but busting out the dynamite is one they ought to consider. These former contenders have shriveled to also-rans with an aging, injury-prone, unathletic roster.

    Sheridan CENTRAL: 5 | EAST: 13 Expect Jermaine O'Neal's unhappiness alarm to ring by mid-December, and don't be surprised if he's the biggest star to move by the trading deadline (our current rankings, though, list Kobe 1st and JO 2nd).

    Stein CENTRAL: 5 | EAST: 14 I'm a Jim O'Brien fan, but it's clear that the Pacers need to start all the way over to repair this mismatched roster and that can only mean the trading of Jermaine O'Neal between now and February.

    TOTAL CENTRAL: 4.9 | Standings EAST: 13.2 | Standings

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    Default Re: No love for Pacers by "experts" predictions

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