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    I think it would be very neat for PacersDigest to create its own Pacers desktop wallpapers and/or screensavers, like does.
    (I mean, wallpapers/screensavers that feature the Pacers (not PacersDigest promoting itself)

    I'm sure there are posters around who are able to do it and have the creativity to too. I'd like to see some screensavers without postered in the corner...It just looks like crap when the website has its name big on the wallpaper...

    Just an idea, because I haven't got the programs/knowhow to do so.

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    Default Re: Wallpapers/Screensavers

    You might ask on the Pacers board; I'm not sure if those that have the talent to do it read this board or not.

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    Yeah, something like those...but more creative with the photos...not just a guy standing around. ed:

    Can pickers be choosers? :P

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    Yes, that's very cool and all, BUT I was wondering if someone could make some things like that---without "made by GoodMike@... or "help of CBS"...

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    I had made a decent Reggie Miller wallpaper, but while saving it, I saved it as the wrong type and it lost all color! Without the color, not a single image could be made out! I think it was prettttty good for my first try...Oh well.... I think I'm okay now...

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