If the Pacers really want to fill the seats and attract new fans, they should seriously consider overhauling their marketing and advertising departments. I know that many have echoed similar sentiments, but something recently aggravated me enough to post again after a bit of a hiatus.

I subscribe to Pacers Insider as many PDer's probably do. In my inbox, which I checked tonight, as I do every night, I see the October 16 issue of Pacers Insider. One of the announcements in the newsletter is that several members of the Pacers, Pacemates, and Boomer/Bowser will be appearing at area Marsh stores. I'm hopeful that by following the enclosed link, I'll be able to get more info about appearance dates and times, and whom will be appearing at the various stores. Indeed, all of this info was provided in the linked PDF file, but the time and date of the appearance was 4-5 PM on October 16! That is, the event occurred the day the e-mail was sent, and had already occurred by the time most recipients probably checked their e-mail messages!

If the goal of marketing and advertising is to increase visibility of the Pacers in the community in hopes of driving up ticket sales of those "undecideds" or fence sitters, or even among those people that could become fans, it would make sense to promote such events well in advance. Unfortunately, they fall short again of seemingly the simplest of details: promoting something in advance! Very disappointing, as my kids would have loved to go meet and greet some of the players.