offering people the black plague.

For the past 3-4 years I've lucked into free Pacers tickets at least 5 times throughout the season. I offer them to close friends, acquaintances, family and completely strangers.

It's like pulling teeth to get ANYONE to go to a professional sporting event FOR FREE. Now I know the Pacers have fallen on hard times the past few years, but still... There is another team playing and usually there is another star player that is worth seeing.

I had 4 tickets tonight for the game and I REALLY wanted to see Durant, but I couldn't get ANY bites on the tickets. I was kind of bummed and I really didn't feel like going alone. When I get Colts, Indians or Reds tickets, I definitely don't have any trouble finding takers.

The day that I personally turn down free tickets to ANY professional sporting event is the day put a gun in mouth. Ok, maybe that's a little much.. but unless I have something serious going on, there is no place I'd rather be than watching a game.

That said, my excitement for this Pacers season is increasing by the day. I've been please with what I'm seeing in the pre-season. A lot of my close friends have taken the popular stance of "hating the NBA" which I don't really get.. I mean, whatever it's not the same as the Jordan/Bird era, but I still find it very enjoyable.

Uhhhhh Go Pacers?