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Sarunas made his reputation as a shooter in FIBA, not the NBA. He's not a "good" shooter at the NBA level. He's a career 35% from 3. That's not terrible, but certainly not great. You're better off with Danny taking the three than Sarunas.

You can live as an NBA point guard with a 35% accuracy, but you've got to bring some other skills to the party. Sarunas couldn't defend, couldn't advance the ball, couldn't drive, and complained when he played off guard. There's a reason he's no longer in the NBA.
Saras has many, many flaws to his game, but shooting is not one of them.

...and I didn't say Saras is a great shooter, but I certainly think he still qualifies as a good shooter at the NBA level. First, he hit 92.2% from the free throw line last year as a Pacer. In fact, he actually does qualify as great from the line with a career % of nearly 91%.

As for 3's, he hit 36.4% his rookie year and 37.2% his second year as a Pacer. No, that's not great, but it qualifies as good notwithstanding all the other flaws to his game...particularly when you compare him to Tinsley who is completely left open and cannot even shoot that well.