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Thread: New Tom Brady Ads

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    Default New Tom Brady Ads

    Apparently Tom Brady now modeling for Stetson? I don't know why he would be advertising this side of himself, but we all have to make allowances in the name of freedom. Someone posted these on the StarNews board:

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    I haven't heard anything about it but it may be true. However I have to call shenanigans. The dog was clearly photoshopped into the first picture, but if Brady was as well they did a much better job with his face.

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    Yeah, I don't think Stetson would use a penis shaped lolli-pop.

    Just saying.
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    LOL wow I didn't even notice that at first. Ok so I guess the pics of Tom are real but the dog and lollypenis were added later. Can anyone else picture Peyton sitting at his computer late at night photoshopping this?

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    The lillipop even has a shadow.......
    That'll do.

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    Default Re: New Tom Brady Ads

    I laughed at those, pretty funny. Poor photo shop job though.

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