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    Default ABA Draft order

    So that you'll know, this is how I made the selections.

    1. I wrote everyones name on a small slip of paper, mixed them up several times & then, without looking, one by one, selected the names. Once all the names had been drawn I listed them on a separate sheet of paper in the order I had pulled them.

    2. I then wrote the numbers 1 thru 24 on back of those same small slips of paper. I again mixed them up, several times & then, without looking, one by one, selected the numbers. The first number I picked went to the first name on the list. The 2nd number went to the 2nd player on the list. I think you get the idea,

    The following is the draft order for all odd number rounds. That would be rounds 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11

    The order will be reversed for all even number rounds. That would be 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12.

    Basicly if you pick first in round 1 you'll get the last pick in round 2.

    If you pick last in round 1 you'll also have the first pick in round 2.

    By keeping the draft the same all the way thru & not re-shuffling the order I hope that people will have a clearer idea just exactly when they will be drafting & the process will not get bogged down. HINT HINT

    Well, heres the list:

    1. Bulldog
    2. Avoidingtheclowns
    3. Ajbry
    4. Diamond Dave
    5. Shade
    6. Diamond Dave 00
    7. Bellisimo
    8. Dr. Badd
    9. Mal
    10. Bball
    11. Gryon
    12. Able
    13. bnd45
    14. Docpaul
    15. Boston Connection
    16. Magic Rat
    17. Indy
    18. Burnzone
    19. Jose Slaughter
    20. Rcarey
    21. Skaut Ech
    22. rm 1369
    23. Jay Redd
    24. Boombaby 33
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